Blowout Kit (Plate Carrier)


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This med kit has been designed by Bill Rapier. Slip this blowout kit in your plate carrier (between your chest and plate). It was designed to have the things you need, to be compact with a small footprint and to be light weight. It includes premium components that are designed for you the end user in mind. Easy tear open cuts, pre lubed NPA (no more missing or misplaced lube packets), SOLO T wrap, and just the good gear you expect. Each kit is hand assembled and vacuum sealed.

Contents included:

Hyfin Chest Seal Vented (double pack)

QuikClot Combat Gauze

Compressed Z Gauze

Pre lubed 28FR NPA

14 Gauge Decompression Needle


Sterile Surgical Blade

1 Pair Black Gloves (Large)