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We supply apparel and gear for the modern minuteman

Amtac Gear was born out of the need for outfitting today’s Modern Minuteman and offering brand related apparel and more from Amtac Shooting and Amtac Blades.

Gear that is crafted to reflect style but more importantly fit the form and functions of today’s demands. Constantly evolving and never resting on yesterday’s success we strive to bring gear to the market that proves its worth day in and day out.

Our Team


Bill and Chip

Chip first met Bill while attending one of his Responsible Armed Citizen Pistol courses. Numerous courses and a Wind River walk later they partnered up to start Amtac Gear.

Bill Rapier is recently retired after twenty years in the Navy, where his duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team 3 and over 14 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader, troop chief and military working dog department senior enlisted adviser. He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.

Bill Rapier

Chip Miller is a follower of Jesus Christ, husband and father. He enjoys hiking, hunting and adventures. He works at honing his Modern Minuteman skills at every opportunity.

Chip and Bill


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